Friday, 20 December 2013

Basic Sweet Mead

              Basic Sweet Mead   by Bjorn

This recipe has been developed, not only to be one of the easiest to make but to help showcase both the flavours of the honey and the yeast used.
I recommend using a single source  (varietal ) honey and a yeast with an alcohol tolerance of about 10 – 12%.

1.8kg of honey (orange blossom is my preferred honey)
5gm of yeast –Lalvin D -47 or white labs WLP 720
5gm of yeast nutrient
Water to make up to 4.7L

5L demijohn with bung and airlock
Bar mix or whisk
Large bowl or jug
Small drinking glass

Clean and Sanitise everything that will touch the honey or the equipment.
Pour into the small drinking glass ¼ cup of warm water and the yeast and allow to rehydrate.
Into your bowl place the honey yeast nutrient and 2L of water.
Using the bar mix or whisk combine honey and water and aerate as much as possible.
Pour this mixture into your demijohn, add the yeast and top up to 4.7L (this allows some headspace for the yeast to foam up.)
Take hydrometer reading here.
Allow to ferment somewhere cool (18 -25*c) for 1 month before racking to a new fermenter for aging.
There is no set time for aging meads but 1 month in the secondary would be the minimum.

Take hydrometer reading here


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